Robert Lewis
Men’s Fraternity Speaker
Milo Sligar
Men’s Fraternity Host
Wednesday Evenings
6:30 - 8:00 pm
His Place Community Church
1480 South Burlington Boulevard
Fall Semester: September 22 - December 8, 2010
Spring Semester: January 12 - April 6, 2011
A captivating journey comprised of 24 video sessions led by Robert Lewis, this
series helps men understand their masculine identity and shows them how to
make the pursuit of authentic manhood a lifelong priority. Elements include:
  • Seasons of a Man’s Life
  • Uncovering a Man’s Wounds
  • Defining Manhood
  • Deepening the Marriage Relationship
  • Raising Sons and Daughters
  • Developing a Manhood Plan
Consider inviting three or four men and register as a team!
Contact Milo Sligar at 360-422-7030 or for details